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Rosie saved the day!

Stiris Research had a flier with a drawing of a bug, and the headline “What  bugs you?” which resonated with their customers' frustration with other research companies. Remaining true to their bug concept, Rosie sourced bug images, and developed copy to showcase the client's superior skills in the field.  See the Stiris site

Rosie's campaign rocked.

Rosie's work with FocusIN began with creating their name, and then writing and art directing a series of 4 full-page ads for Marketing Magazine, targeting media buyers. Each ad featured an over-the-top character, obsessed with their unique passion, showing just how focused in this specialty web network could be. 

View the campaign

Rosie made money
grow on trees.

Back when the market was strong and mighty, Rosie developed both copy and art direction for a series of full-page ads for Gordon Capital, running in The Globe and Mail and The Wall Street Journal, as well as crafting their positioning line 'Prepared to Seize the Moment'. Rosie also designed a money tree with the help of renowned paper sculptor Johnathan Milne. See her financial work

The Challenge:
To create a series of Facebook ads and videos for ZIPS Dry Cleaners, during a pandemic, when no one was dressing up to go out.

See the solutions

"I've never seen so much 
great creative generated in such
little time!"

OK, maybe not an-person meeting, but a virtual one, with delightful clients who were, in fact, from Ireland. Cubic Telecom needed a website that brought their creativity to life, and showcased their amazing race with in-car connectivity across 21 countries. Luckily, being Irish, they also let Rosie wax poetic about their vision of the future as well.  See the Cubic site

The first truly interactive web media – giving marketers the ability to connect directly with their customers, and learn what matters to them most.  Read more

Rosie launched Open Dialogue.

Rosie is industrious.

Rolling out ads for Algoma Steel and getting the dirt on below-ground insulation.

Rosie and an Irishman walked into 
a meeting...

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