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IKEA is known for its somewhat cheeky advertising. And what better time to imagine how beautiful your new IKEA bathroom could look, than when you’re standing (or sitting) in your old one.

Out-of-Home Advertising

Environics  Analytics


When Biermarkt opened new locations in Toronto, Rosie created a series of OOH executions, such as "Our Menu Just Got Wurst."

Rosie gave their geek mascot even more legs, by offering his glasses to their customers, thereby giving them instant Geek Vision.

Environics Analytics had a well- known mascot – a cartoon geek, wearing thick glasses. He was present in all of their advertising, helping clients see Big Data more clearly, so they could find and focus on their most valued customers.

One of Sheridan’s graduates had been nominated for an Oscar for his work on Dragon Heart. In a moment of insouciance, Rosie doodled a dragon blowing smoke, perched atop the giant billboard. And to her delight they went with it, smoke and all, illuminating the night at College and Spadina in downtown Toronto.

Sheridan College

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